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About us

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Trees for Seaford works with the Seaford community and councils to plant and care for trees in Seaford. We’re a small group of friendly and enthusiastic volunteers, of different ages and interests.

So far we’ve planted over 1,400 trees in Seaford, including around 400 street trees. With your help we can do more.

We plant trees in streets with grass verges and grassed areas such as greens, school fields, church grounds or large public gardens.

Do you want to plant trees in your street?

Do you want trees in your street or local green space? Can you help by talking to and leafletting your neighbours to get lots of people involved? We try to plant as many trees as possible in each street, and we’ll ask you all to take part in planting and caring from the trees. Get in touch to find out more!

What we can’t do:

We’re really sorry but:

  • we can’t talk to you about trees in private gardens
  • we can’t plant trees in pavements (only grass verges)
  • we can’t plant single trees, or rehome trees, seedlings or saplings. Sorry!
  • If you have a concern or problem about a mature tree on the road please contact the Highways Department.
  • If you have a concern about Dutch Elm Disease please contact the Dutch Elm Disease Department.

How to plant a tree

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